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Perth’s largest traffic management team for over 20 years

Perth’s traffic management experts since 1997 WARP Group have been Perth’s largest traffic management company since 2000, which is a milestone to celebrate 2 decades on. We officially opened our doors 3 years prior in 1997, growing fast and earning the trust of new clients. Today we are pleased to look back on a long history of … Read more

WARP Group Partner for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Delivery

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Pedestrian safety is one of the core challenges for traffic management services. Safety in all situations is an uncompromising commitment for WARP Traffic Management, which is why we’re proud to have partnered with a leading national company to supply hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions in Perth. Together with AML Risk Management and Meridian Rapid … Read more

Case Study: On-Site Traffic Management in Perth

Traffic management is an inherently risky business, with vehicles of all sizes often travelling at considerable speed in hazardous conditions. And there are some roads and worksites that are more dangerous than others.

WARP Traffic Management enacted a one particular traffic management plan on Anketell Road, involving a complex traffic situation, which was handled with ease.

The Site and Previous Issues

Anketell Road is a major road that runs off the Kwinana Freeway, south of Perth, with a normal speed limit of 80km/h.

WARP Traffic Management’s expertise was called on after a recent car accident on the road, where a clean-up and remedial works were required. It had also been flagged that there may be environmental contamination at the site.

In order to undertake the clean up – which was expected to take seven days – the road shoulder and the east bound lanes both needed to be closed. Those assisting on the clean-up efforts worked around the clock until the clean up and works were complete.

WARP’s Traffic Management Plan

Closing down the shoulder and right lane of a major road can be hazardous, especially when you consider the normal 80km/h speed limit of the road, as well as a slight bend on the road, which reduced motorist visibility of the road works and amended road conditions.

In order to make the worksite as safe as possible for all those on-site and travelling through the site, including clean-up crews, motorists and WARP Traffic Management staff, the following traffic management plans were implemented:

  • Advance warning signs for motorists to advise of the changed conditions and road works
  • A speed reduction from 80km/h to 40km/h
  • A traffic controller on the road to control traffic with the traditional stop/slow signage

Unfortunately, even with adequate signage both in the lead up to the worksite and at the site itself, the site was still considered a safety risk.

Any staff on-site were still vulnerable to the motorists travelling through the area, particularly at night time when visibility was further compromised; one moment of inattention from a driver could be catastrophic for those working on-site.

A Traffic Control Solution with PORTABOOM®

In order to mitigate the risk posed to the traffic controllers, WARP decided to remove the traffic controllers from the road, replacing their on-road presence with the Portaboom system instead.

The Portaboom is an automated boom gate, which is operated from a safe distance by a traffic controller.

With the remote control of the Portaboom, the system ensures the traffic controllers can stand out of the direct line of traffic, rather than standing in the live lane, as required by traditional stop/slow methods of traffic control.

The Portaboom also acts as a physical barrier to motorists who may otherwise try to ignore direction from traffic controllers, which is a common occurrence with traditional stop/slow methods.

This traffic management solution improves the safety for all involved by reducing controller error or fatigue, reducing stress levels of controllers and physically removing the controller from the path of motorists.

How the Portaboom Worked on Anketell Road

WARP Traffic Management’s use of the Portaboom system on Anketell Road was a success, with traffic controllers reporting no incidents during the road works and a bonus of improved driver behaviour.

On approach to the road works, traffic controllers noted that drivers were more attentive, slowing down with caution as they came towards the Portaboom.

Overall, contractors working on-site felt an increased level of safety as the result of the Portaboom system.

WARP are Experts in Traffic Management in Perth

Identifying the importance of removing traffic controllers from the live lane was a crucial step to ensuring safety and improving motorist behaviour around the road works.

WARP Traffic Management are the leaders in traffic management and traffic control in Perth, with over 20 years of experience in providing high quality services to Australia’s leading contractors.

Contact WARP today for all your traffic control needs in Perth and surrounds.

City of Perth – Skyworks Roadworks Management

Australia Day in Perth for many means heading down to the foreshore with a picnic, friends and family to enjoy the annual Skyworks and explore the entertainment provided by the City of Perth.

The City of Perth Skyworks is Perth’s largest community event and the largest Australia Day celebration in the country, with the event consisting of entertainment, sporting challenges, demonstrations, food trucks, rides and cultural experiences for people of all ages.

More than 300,000 people were expected to line the foreshore for this annual celebration, so the City of Perth entrusted WARP Group to develop and provide traffic management around the pedestrian-heavy areas.

Traffic Management for the City of Perth Skyworks

To ensure event attendees, staff and emergency services were all looked after as part of the event, WARP Group developed a comprehensive traffic control plan that included staggered road closures, diversions and accessible parking access for those who required it.

With an event like the City of Perth Skyworks, which conclude with a spectacular fireworks display over the iconic Swan River, eager punters often head down to the foreshore early to secure the best vantage point.

This meant that although the main events and entertainment didn’t kick off until 3pm, WARP Group implemented road closures on some roads from 6am on Australia Day.

Road Closures City of Perth Skyworks

The City of Perth Skyworks are held in a highly accessible location, with public transport, walking and cycling options available.

Attendees were encouraged to plan ahead and use public transport where possible to avoid road closures and delays with getting to and from the event, with trains and buses running at additional capacity to get people in and out of the area.

WARP Group implemented traffic controls to direct traffic away from pedestrian-heavy areas to not only keep pedestrians safe, but to also move traffic out of the area as quickly and safely as possible.

WARP group: exclusive traffic management group for the City of Perth Skyworks event

As a local Perth company, WARP Group have a great working relationship with many businesses, groups and councils within the metropolitan region.

WARP has been providing quality traffic management, including traffic control in Perth, for over 20 years and thrive on meeting and exceeding the expectations of all our clients.

Our long history in the industry has well equipped the WARP team to tackle projects of any size; from small residential road closures to emergency response work and comprehensive traffic management plans for large-scale events.

Enjoy the City of Perth Skyworks

WARP Traffic Management hope you enjoyed the City of Perth Skyworks this Australia Day.

We are proud to be exclusive provider of traffic management services for the City of Perth and are delighted to have looked after you, your family and your mates through our effective traffic management at the 2019 City of Perth Skyworks.

WARP Training Australia | Why AutoCAD is Important in Traffic Management

As the traffic management industry evolves, the use of advanced software and technology is being adopted to maximise productivity, increase efficiency and reduce hazards and errors. In particular, AutoCAD has become increasingly popular for planning traffic management projects and creating clear, in-depth drawings to formulate strategies.

A good traffic management planner is more than just someone who holds an accreditation. Keep your skills up to date and evolve with industry demands by learning more about AutoCAD for traffic management.

Creating Traffic Guidance Schemes

A visual representation of traffic control plans, Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGS) provide all contractors and stakeholders with a clear and detailed scope of a work site or traffic management area. A good traffic management planner will have both on-site experience as well as competence creating quality TGS for projects of various sizes. Created based on managing the safety of workers, traffic controllers, road users and the general public, a comprehensive TGS enhances the success and productivity of a traffic management project.

While TGS drawings have traditionally been completed by hand, a number of software and programs – including AutoCAD – make drawings more precise, effective and detailed.

Clarity and Accuracy

Ideal for creating TGS designs, AutoCAD allows you to create high quality, clear and precise drawings. Helping to maximise productivity and minimise misunderstandings, TGS created with AutoCAD are becoming increasingly popular for traffic management projects across the state and country. For some more complex projects, it’s even a requirement.

Allowing you to create TGS with increased speed, accuracy and efficiency compared to manual drawings or basic software, AutoCAD skills and capabilities give you a competitive edge.

WARP Training Australia AutoCAD Traffic Management Course

Committed to bridging the gap between traffic controlling and planning, WARP Training Australia provides a comprehensive, technical and practical course on AutoCAD for traffic management. As more projects begin to use AutoCAD for planning, software competency is increasingly becoming a requirement as well as an attractive skill.

Designed to provide you with real skills and knowledge applicable for traffic projects now and into the future, WARP Training Australia’s two-day AutoCAD course opens up endless possibilities by helping you understand how to use AutoCAD effectively. As demand for quality traffic controllers and planners increases, the ability to create detailed and clear TGS with AutoCAD helps you stand out from the crowd.

Taking you through a full scope of capabilities using AutoCAD in a traffic management setting, the course provides you with the foundation skills to design TGS using AutoCAD with speed, accuracy and productivity.

Perth’s Experts in Traffic Control Training and Services

Stay one step ahead and gain the skills you need for competitive employment tomorrow. At WARP Training Australia, our AutoCAD Traffic Management Course equips you with the knowledge and insight you need to effectively utilise AutoCAD on the job.

Find out more about our range of traffic management and traffic controller courses to begin or enhance your career. Contact us on 1300 019 304 for more

Celebrating the 2018 AFL Grand Final West Coast Win in Langley Park

Celebrating the 2018 AFL Grand Final West Coast Win in Langley Park

After an incredible win down in Melbourne at the 2018 AFL Grand Final, the West Coast Eagles returned home to Perth and were met with a welcome reserved for legends. Held at Langley Park, crowds of excited West Coast Eagles fans celebrated and bonded over an amazing win that saw them defeat Collingwood 79-74. One of the most unpredictable matches of AFL history, the West Coast Eagles came out victorious.

Fans began to head over to Langley Park hours before the celebratory ceremony was set to begin at 2.30pm. By the time the premiership heroes arrived, crowds were heavy at around 40,000. Players took to the stage to ecstatic applause and cheers from dedicated supporters, soaking in the praise and admiration of the city they’d done proud.

After thanking fans and snapping a selfie with the crowd – complete with the stunning Perth cityscape as a backdrop – the fun continued with food and drink, activities and entertainment for punters of all ages.

Providing Effective Event and Traffic Management

The West Coast win was one of the most anticipated and hoped-for moments in the Perth community. After the nail-biting match culminated in glory, Perth punters were excited to get the chance to cheer on their team in person at Langley Park. With a high expected turnout, WARP Group was put to task to provide effective event and traffic management services.

Our traffic management and traffic control teams were responsible for safely and effectively closing the surrounding roads; keeping families, punters and staff safe while they celebrated the West Coast win. Thanks to the hard work of our event and traffic management professionals, the day went ahead with no complications and all event attendees moved safely and easily to and from Langley Park.

For more on effective traffic management services in Perth, contact us on 1300 131 204.

A New Lease on Life working with WARP Group

Built back in 1896, the Palace Hotel is one of Perth’s most iconic and recognisable buildings. Considered one of Australia’s most opulent hotels, it attracted journalists and high profile patrons until its close in 1986. The facade was properly preserved, however the interior was mostly gutted when it was redeveloped as a bank and office tower.

Now, the Palace Hotel is set to light up as the site of the newest Meat & Wine Co. restaurant. Originally from South Africa, their hospitality group siblings include the renowned Ribs & Burgers and Hunter & Barrel.

The Meat & Wine Co. will treat diners to an indulgent and memorable experience that only the charm and history of the Palace Hotel can match. Lead by Seagrass BHG and architect Callie Van Der Merwe of Design Partnership, the original marble stairs of the Palace Hotel will again be utilised as the entrance point on the corner of William Street and St Georges Terrace. With walls retaining their stories and history, including a baroque-inspired room adorned with original gold leaf, The Meat & Wine Co. will inject their African-inspired aesthetic into the interior design.

Playing a Vital Role in Perth’s Growth

New development and growth is underpinned by a network of professionals and specialists who keep things running behind the scenes. While diners are presented with new and innovative establishments once they’re done and dusted, the final results are impossible without the collaboration, expertise and hard work of dedicated experts.

At WARP Group, we’ve been busy working on the transformation of the iconic Palace Hotel alongside a team of industry experts. Our traffic control and management expertise has been invaluable in the smooth running of the project, transforming the site into the all new Meat & Wine Co. restaurant. You may have spotted us working throughout the night to facilitate construction works and can still catch us maintaining traffic safety along William Street and St Georges Terrace.

Set to make waves in Perth’s food and wine scene, Perth foodies will be treated to fine dining set amongst a historic, impeccably preserved and beautifully transformed Palace Hotel interior. Find out more about the Palace Hotel redevelopment.

WARP Group: Powering Perth’s Expansion

At WARP Group, we’re proud to contribute to the growth and expansion of Perth’s metropolitan area.

From small short-term projects to complex long-term developments, we provide leading traffic control in Perth. Specialising in custom traffic management solutions, our professionals offer a full range of services tailored to the specifics of every project. From initial planning and consultations through to completion and finalisation, each project receives in-depth attention to maximise success.

Find out more about traffic management and traffic control in Perth. From special events through to construction projects, WARP Group has you covered with expert services. Contact us for more on 1300 131 204.

The Portaboom: A Safety Breakthrough


At WARP Group, we’re a team of experienced and specialised traffic control professionals in Perth. Committed to providing industry-leading services and expertise, we invest in innovative technology, developments and solutions for safer and more productive worksites.

We’re proud to be the first of WA’s traffic control companies to purchase and trial 10 Portaboom units. A breakthrough new product to the traffic management industry, Portaboom is a portable boom gate designed for temporary traffic control scenarios and has become widely used in the eastern states. It works by eliminating risks to traffic controllers as well as minimising risks for workers, motorists and pedestrians. Engineered with precision and expertise, Portaboom units make worksites safer and more effective.

An Innovative Alternative

As established traffic control professionals in Perth, we pride ourselves on delivering high standards of safety and quality. With significant safety benefits and cost savings, we’re proud to recommend Portaboom units for a diverse range of projects.

Certified by the Australian Roads and Research Board (ARRB) for use on all Australian local, state and federal roads in July 2016, Portaboom units work by adding a physical barrier to protect work zones. This takes traffic controllers out of ongoing traffic and away from risky situations. Motorists are required to stop but don’t rely on the instructions of a traffic controller on the road. This translates to enhanced site safety and fatigue management, eliminating the need for traffic controllers to stand on a stop/slow bat for hours. Instead, they can control traffic movements in safer positions and can also focus on other aspects of site safety, including vehicle and plant movement and pedestrian activity.

Key Safety Benefits

Portaboom units provide safety to worksites and traffic management scenarios by minimising risks to traffic controllers. Main benefits include:

  • Adding a clear and visible physical barrier to protect work zones
  • Ensuring motorists stop and provides a clearer indication of what’s required of them
  • Reducing risk of being ignored by motorists and road users
  • Enhancing the management of fatigue by removing traffic controllers from stop/slow bat posts
  • Improving site management by allowing traffic controllers to concentrate on flow
  • Allowing traffic controllers to operate multiple units at a time
  • Streamlining communication with work crews

Cost Comparison

Eliminate risk to traffic controllers, enhance site safety and minimise your overall costs with Portaboom units. By reducing crew numbers but allowing for greater control of worksites, you can save substantial amounts on labour. Each unit is charged at a daily rate of $120 + GST or $80 if the job is under four hours. This significantly reduces the total cost of projects but allows for a higher level of site safety and efficiency.

Take a look at the example below to learn more about how Portaboom units minimise costs and reduce risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PORTABOOM® powered

PORTABOOM® is powered by a 12V 75AH Deep Cycle Battery

How long will PORTABOOM® operate when the battery is fully charged

Once the battery is fully charged the PORTABOOM® unit will operate for 6500 movements (Up and Down)

How long does it take to fully charge the battery

From flat to fully charged it takes approx. 8 hours but we recommend top up charging

How heavy is the PORTABOOM® unit

The PORTABOOM unit weighs 100kg

How heavy is the Boom Arm

The Boom Arm weighs 5kg including the “STOP” sign

How hard is the PORTABOOM® unit to manoeuvre

The combination of swivel wheels at the front and braking wheels at the back make it very easy to manoeuvre

What’s the range of the remote controls

The range of the remotes are up to 100mtrs however we always recommend having direct line of sight to the PORTABOOM® unit you are operating

What operating frequency does the remote controls use

The operating frequency range is between 433.100MHz to 434.700MHz

How is the remote control operation protected from interference

The remote control uses frequency hopping spread spectrum

(FHSS). This means that when the button is pressed, it simultaneously transmits the encrypted code on five different frequencies. This makes it impossible for your remote control to be interfered with or jammed

What’s the length of the Boom Arm

The Boom Arm can be extended anywhere from 2m to 4m

How does PORTABOOM® fit into a typical TCP

PORTABOOM® is designed to fit into a TCP where you would normally position a traffic controller

Specialised Traffic Control in Perth

WARP Group is Perth’s experienced traffic control team. A one-stop-shop, we handle projects from initial consultations through to final site checks. Offering unparalleled levels of expertise and quality, our qualified professionals provide a full suite of services to suit projects of all sizes. Specialising in traffic control and traffic management, we help you create and maintain a safe, productive and efficient work site with leading strategies and innovative products – like the Portaboom.

Find out more about our range of services and learn more about how a Portaboom unit could work for your project. Contact us on 1300 131 204.


Become an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager with WTA

Embark on an exciting and rewarding career with training from Warp Training Australia (WTA). Based in Perth, we lead informative and accredited traffic management courses to help you obtain a qualification as an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager (AWTM). Taught by industry professionals, our course prepares you with up to date and practical knowledge and skills for competitive traffic management jobs.

Your MRWA AWTM accreditation allows you to undertake the designing and creation of a traffic management plan (TMP) for works across WA.

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

A TMP details how traffic, works and road users will be managed during roadworks. Requiring the expertise of an accredited Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager, a good TMP enhances productivity and project success.

Once a Traffic Controller has one year of experience on the road, they’re able to sit the Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Course to become a planner. Planners need to demonstrate the ability to design Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGSs) using programs including AutoCAD and Rapid Plan.

At WTA, we provide comprehensive training for individuals with a solid understanding of computers but with limited AutoCAD experience. Our AutoCAD for TGS Design course gives students detailed and practical experience using the fundamentals of AutoCAD for traffic management planning.

Preparation of Traffic Management Plans

For all works requiring traffic management on or around roads, a Traffic Management Plan will need to be prepared. Some of these TMP’s will be very detailed and will only be used for the job that they are prepared for. Some other TMP’s (Generic TMP’s) can be used on a variety of suitable projects.

TMPs can only be prepared by individuals who have completed the MRWA Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Course and hold a current MRWA Accreditation. Planners must have the knowledge and experience required to design a TMP and may be required to have specialist support in some circumstances.

TMPs need to contain documentation of completed risk assessments, practices and strategies to manage and mitigate risks and must also contain traffic guidance schemes (TGS’s) that detail all traffic controls required for every stage of works.

Find out more about creating a comprehensive and detailed TMP with Main Roads WA’s TMP Preparation Guidelines.

Become a Traffic Planning Manager

To become a Traffic Planning Manager, you need to gain an MRWA Accreditation as an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manage. At WTA, our Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) course provides students with the theory and practical knowledge to design complex and non-complex traffic management plans for a variety of scenarios.

A hands-on and practical course, we teach in-demand skills to allow you to gain real-world experience in advanced worksite traffic management. Our courses create competitive, innovative and experienced professionals ready to take on the challenges that come with a job as a traffic management planner in WA.

Learn More About our Traffic Management Course

Interested in becoming an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager? Chat with the team at WTA to learn more about what it takes. Our comprehensive and practical Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) course gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to gain a competitive edge.

Find out more about studying with WTA. Contact us on 1300 019 304.

Protecting Those Who Look After Us

The State Government has recently introduced the SLOMO law; a rule intended to improve the road safety of people attending roadside emergencies in Western Australia. Aligning with the values of WARP Group – Perth’s premier team of traffic control and management professionals – the SLOMO rule enhances safety during accidents or hazards. What Does SLOMO … Read more