Traffic Controller Jobs

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Traffic Controller Officer

As a Traffic Control Officer (TCO) you will be responsible for setting up, managing and removing temporary traffic control schemes. The job requires regular physical manual effort. You will be required to stand for 8 to 10 hours per day handling a Stop-Slow bat, or managing other similar traffic control signs and devices, regardless of weather conditions. You must be able to operate in a team environment and assist all team members in the performance of their duties. As a TCO you will work closely with a co-worker to ensure the safe management of work zones or events for all WARP customers. The hours you will work may vary from day to day, and season to season. Work is done to suit WARP customer schedules or needs and may occur on any day or at any time of the day or night and may also require emergency response calls. WARP requires all staff to present for duty in a fit and proper state a minimum of ten (10) minutes prior to the start of each shift.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a valid drivers licence
  • Must have a clean criminal record and be able to pass background checks
  • Must be able to read, follow and comprehend road traffic diagrams, regulations and instructions in English
  • Must demonstrate an ability to clearly communicate, by radio, in English
  • Must be able to repeatedly lift 10kg
  • Perform all tasks associated with Traffic Management for works or events
  • Must hold a Basic Worksite Traffic Management and Traffic Control accreditation

Must perform duties in accordance with:

  • MRWA Traffic Controllers’ Handbook
  • MRWA Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice
  • AS1742.3-2002
  • Participate in professional development, including knowledge of Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Standards

Daily Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Completing vehicle pre-start checks
  • Loading and unloading WARP vehicles with Signage and associated devices
  • Obey instructions from crew leaders, foremen, managers, or MWRA inspectors, auditors or officials
  • Driving and towing, an arrow board or VMB (Visual Message Board)
  • Care and maintenance of WARP signage and Traffic Management devices
  • Filling and loading of sandbags
  • Cleaning WARP vehicles and signage at the end of shift
  • Perform all other duties to control traffic, pedestrians and cyclists to protect maintenance workers, work crews and members of the public

Conditions of work

  • Work is generally alongside active Roads, Highways and Freeways
  • Work can also be on bridges, and overpasses
  • The majority of work is outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Work is also performed under conditions that may expose staff to dust, smoke, electricity, railroad traffic, loud noise and uneven footing and other associated worksite conditions
  • During the course of you duties you may be subject to verbal abuse of threats of violence from motorists. WARP staff are expected to act in a professional manner and not permit themselves to be provoked
  • You may at times be required to wear additional PPE such as a Hard Hat on specific worksites, of safety glasses

WARP Safety

WARP takes a serious attitude to the safety of their staff. All staff are responsible for the safe working conditions of themselves and crew members and are required to report any unsafe conditions to their supervisor.

  • WARP staff are required to wear PPE including a Hi-vis shirt or vest, and steel capped boots long sleeved shirt and long trousers
  • WARP staff are required to use hand protection (Gloves) when handling signs and other Traffic Management devices

TCO’s should ensure that they arrive for duty in clean and presentable clothing, clean boots and properly maintained PPE. Turn out and bearing should not only reflect pride in ones’ self but reflect favourably on WARP as a company. Your turn out and bearing also have a direct impact on your effectiveness as a TCO. The more effective you are, the safer your work site is.