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WARP Group Partner for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Delivery

WARP Group Partner for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Delivery

Pedestrian safety is one of the core challenges for traffic management services.

Safety in all situations is an uncompromising commitment for WARP Traffic Management, which is why we’re proud to have partnered with a leading national company to supply hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solutions in Perth.

Together with AML Risk Management and Meridian Rapid Defense Group based in the USA, WARP now have the capability to deliver rapid deployment HVM barriers anywhere in Perth.

From December this year, we will be ready to deploy 250 Archer 1200 HVM barriers, covering a total area of 500 metres.

HVM barriers: Essential traffic management planning

HVM barriers are used in pedestrian areas and at public events around the world, to meet the unfortunate rising need for protection against vehicle attack.

Traffic management planning should always include provisions for the worst-case scenario and hope the security measure ends up being unnecessary.

However, too often ineffective measures like water barriers or stationary vehicles are used in place of impact rated HVM solutions.

That’s where Meridian makes all the difference.

Owing to their modular nature the Archer 1200 barrier can be customised to suit any event, public demonstration, festival, or public speech with the flexibility to move the barrier as required.

They are also an ideal solution where temporary HVM is required in unusual spaces, to allow for safe pedestrian flow.

Traffic management services for all situations

There is no room for complacency in traffic management planning.

Already used around Australia (and around the world) to provide on-demand pedestrian safety, these American-made HVM barriers will revolutionise event safety standards in Perth.

Their sleek low-profile design and outstanding mobility means that a single person can close a main road in just 10 minutes without heavy equipment to minimise road closures.

Once in place, the Archer 1200 is PAS 68 tested and certified to bring a 1.5-tonne vehicle travelling at 48kph to a complete stop.

Archer stops vehicles in their tracks with an innovative non-lethal design, making them superior to HVM posts.

Pedestrian flow is not impeded and if emergency vehicles need to enter, the barriers can quickly be moved to allow access.

For traffic management planning that opens up a world of possibilities including safe entry/exit points for vehicles, heavy-duty perimeter protection, smooth pedestrian flow and a modular event boundary that can be assembled and removed in minutes.

Archer 1200 barriers offer real protection in real-time.

Traffic management planning to keep Perth moving

You will soon see the Archer 1200 barriers in action at major events around Perth. New Year’s Eve and Australia Day revellers will be protected by the best in the business as we roll out these innovative HVM barriers in key locations.

WARP is proud to provide a full range of services from initial traffic management planning to on-site traffic management services, tailored to meet the unique requirements of every client.

Pedestrian safety should never be left to chance.

We are taking an active approach to hostile vehicle mitigation alongside AML Risk Management, and our partners in local authorities, police and event organisers.

For more information about hostile vehicle mitigation or any traffic management planning enquiry, contact WARP Traffic Management.

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