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Metronet Rail Line Update

Metronet Rail Line Update

Metronet is an exciting long-term project that signals Perth’s steady population boom.

Rail line extensions focussed in Perth’s north-eastern corridor will connect outlying suburbs and cater for a population set to double in the 25 years to 2031, exceeding 415,000 people.

As part of the mammoth multi-year State Government project, several new stations will be built and existing hubs upgraded to meet growing demand for public transport.

WARP are excited to be one of the Perth traffic management companies helping to bring this project online for the benefit of Perth families and visitors.

Station Locations and routes announced

Metronet recently finalised the much anticipated $500m Ellenbrook-Morley route and announced several new stations to service burgeoning communities between the two centres.

Starting at Ellenbrook town centre, services will run down the western side of New Lord Street, through land north of Marshall Road and down the middle of Tonkin Highway, reaching Bayswater Station in under 20 minutes.

New stations will soon be popping up in:

  • Ellenbrook
  • Whiteman Park
  • Malaga
  • Noranda
  • Morley
  • Bennett Springs East (planned)

That’s a lot of growth to keep our traffic management services busy for a while!

Upgrade to Baywater Station as part of the METRONET rollout

Bayswater Station will see a huge influx of travellers once the Ellenbrook-Morley line comes online.

From Bayswater, commuters will be able to quickly reach Perth Airport (7 minutes), CBD stations (12 minutes), Midland (13 minutes) and beyond.

This makes a recently announced $146m station upgrade welcome news for Baywater residents, businesses and commuters.

In the biggest upgrade to the station in over a century, Bayswater Station and the surrounding town centre will be transformed into a thriving junction with a boon to the local economy.

The project will include new road construction and significant changes to existing roads, including raising the troublesome 3.8m King William Street rail bridge to 4.8m and building a new rail bridge over Whatley Crescent.

During the upgrades WARP’s Perth traffic management services team will be out in full force, ensuring minimal disruption to businesses and residents.

The New Ellenbrook Rail Line

Among a long list of Metronet projects, the Ellenbrook-Morley line stands out as possibly the most significant.

The 21km line will cut travel time from Ellenbrook to Perth in half and reduce congestion on WA roads.

After more than a decade of anticipation, work is expected to start later this year.

As one of the Perth traffic management companies involved in the project, WARP are gearing up to go “full steam ahead” as announced by the McGowan Government.

WARP Traffic Management and Training

Large scale projects like Metronet would not be possible without skilled traffic management services involved in consultation, construction and delivery.

For more than 20 years WARP Traffic Management have been supporting development in our state by providing high quality traffic management services and training.

Like the McGowan Government on Metronet, we plan to deliver on our promise of highly trained and safety-first traffic management teams.

Contact WARP Traffic Management to find out more about what we offer including traffic management courses and the best traffic control services in Perth.

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