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Traffic Controllers – Who We Are

Traffic Controllers – Who We Are

A Traffic Controller is a trained and experienced person who manages the effective flow of vehicle traffic & pedestrians through worksites. Traffic Controllers use a range of specialised signs, equipment and electronic devices to advise road users of changed road conditions and potential hazards that might be present whilst they make their way through the worksite. Some of these signs are mandatory such as speed limit signs that are in place due to the changed road conditions. It’s important to note that sometimes these signs are still in place when workers are no longer present due to the road condition not allowing reinstatement of the usual limit.

Safety is everybody’s business

Whether it’s a busy construction site, road works or an emergency situation, the safety of the public and our workers is paramount. In these situations, having an experienced Road Traffic Control team, led by a qualified Traffic Controller helps to create and maintain a safe environment.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, the traffic controller on site, the principle contractor and you the road user. We all have a duty of care to ensure that those who are building and maintaining a better road network for us all, feel safe and are safe in their work environment.

Traffic controllers have a range of rules, regulations and guidelines that they must comply to.  Some of these include:

  1. Signs and Devices – When putting a traffic guidance scheme in place, they must be aware of the existing traffic laws for the area and ensure the signs and devices used for alerting or directing motorists and pedestrians are clear and are easily recognisable. Signage comply with NSW Department of Roads and Maritime requirements and traffic laws.
  1. Courtesy and proper conduct counts, especially in a situation where tensions can be raised due to journeys being interrupted or delayed. Avoiding conflict can be as simple as speaking to the traffic controller or reading the advisory signage which might provide some guidance on delays. Traffic controllers are working hard to make sure your journey is delayed as little as possible and the traffic flows have minimal disruption. Unfortunately, this is not always possible but a smile can go a long way to making it easier for everyone.

Always remember to slow down and take care when you see a special event or roadworks ahead. Obey the temporary speed limits, stay in your designated lane, look out for workers and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. The workers and traffic controllers will very much appreciate you doing all you can to make sure their workplace is as safe as yours.

If you’re planning an event, managing a construction site or requiring trained Traffic Management personnel anywhere in NSW, call WARP on 1300 131 204.  They’re ready to provide traffic control solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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Our Traffic Control Officers are one of the key factors in WARP Traffic Managements success. All our staff are MRWA accredited and extensively trained by WARP Training with a substantial number holding Advanced Worksite Traffic Management tickets.