Traffic Management - Using AutoCad

Driverless Vehicles

Driverless vehicles are hitting the road in countries all around the world. It won’t be long before your taxi will pull up with nobody inside, trucks will drive themselves across the country, and your morning commute on public transport will be passengers only. The autonomous vehicle industry is booming and it means exciting changes for Australian passengers and businesses alike. For the road traffic control industry, the growth of driverless…

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Incidents on Work Sites

Road construction and repair, and traffic control for special events, are important for the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. Without these key services the infrastructure we all use daily would fall into disrepair, causing major hazards both on and off the road. Just like any work site it is important to keep traffic control and road repair sites safe for workers and motorists. Incidents involving traffic controllers all around…

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Road Safety 101

Australians are pretty safe drivers most of the time — we obey the road rules and watch out for hazards because we know how important it is to be smart on the roads. But we definitely could be doing better. Road accident numbers are starting to creep up compared to 2015 and dangerous, sometimes deadly, accidents are still occurring too often. Because WARP Traffic Management are on the roads 24…

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Keeping You Safe

Busy construction sites and road users can be a hazardous combination, which is why government authorities and large construction companies manage the risks by employing Road Traffic Management specialists to keep things on the move in a safe and controlled environment. Road Traffic Management is a complex business Let’s face it, everyone’s in a hurry to get from A to B, and the last thing we want is a hold…

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How to: Keep Your Kids Safe on the Road

Children are the most vulnerable road users and could easily be at risk of serious road accidents and injuries, without proper adult supervision. No matter how sensible they are, children under ten years old should never be allowed on roads unsupervised. With school holidays on the horizon there’s never been a better time to teach your little ones about road safety and it’s never too soon to start. Know the…

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Keep Safe On The Road This Holiday – WARP Traffic Control Tips

Here are our top tips to keep you safe! At WARP (NSW) we live and breathe road safety and traffic management. It’s our bread and butter. Leading up to the winter holiday break, many Sydney siders are planning day trips, family holidays at a ski resorts or in regional NSW. This means you will be driving on unfamiliar roads often in unfamiliar conditions. This is why planning ahead is important.…

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