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Metronet Rail Line to Ellenbrook

Metronet Rail Line to Ellenbrook

As Perth continues to grow, by both population density and urban sprawl, it is important for infrastructure such as public transport to keep up with demand and help to ease congestion.

To answer the woes of commuters who live in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs, the McGowan Government has recently announced that the Morley-Ellenbrook Line will go ahead.

This train line will halve the travel time of those who currently travel from Ellenbrook to Perth CBD using public transport.

So what is METRONET and how might traffic control impact the trips of everyday commuters?

What is Metronet?

METRONET is the WA State Government’s exciting long-term project to expand Perth’s current heavy rail network, with the aim to connect Perth suburbs, reduce road congestion and meet the future needs of the city.

Some exciting features of METRONET’s first stage include plans such as planning and building the new Morley-Ellenbrook Line, completing the new Forrestfield-Airport Link and extending some of the train lines.

The New Ellenbrook Rail Line

On Sunday, 4th August, the McGowan Government announced that it was “full steam ahead” for the new Morley-Ellenbrook Line, with work on the line expected to start in late 2019.

The 21km rail line will stretch from Morley to Ellenbrook, joining the existing Midland Line at Bayswater Station before running down the middle of Tonkin Highway.

The new train stations on the Morley-Ellenbrook Line will be built at Ellenbrook, Whiteman Park, Malaga, Noranda and Morley, creating thousands of local jobs, cutting down on congestion and helping Perth keep up with growth.

WARP Traffic Management and Training

When it comes to major infrastructure projects like new train stations and train lines, it is imperative to have the best traffic control companies as part of the planning, construction and implementation phase.

WARP Traffic Management is one of the traffic control companies providing traffic management services to the METRONET project, working to ensure commuters and workers alike can stay safe as they go about their day.

As Perth locals, WARP Group understand WA roads and our team are committed to delivering a full range of traffic management services to projects of any size.

From meticulous planning to ensure every scenario is covered to undertaking on-site traffic management services, WARP Traffic Management is ready to take on the METRONET project, as well as any projects you may like to discuss.

Interested in Learning Traffic Management?

If you are considering a career in traffic management, WARP Group also offers traffic control training – teaching you the essential skills required to efficiently and safely manage traffic flow in Perth and beyond.

As a registered training organisation (RTO 51972), WARP’s students are trained to meet industry standards and deliver the high level of services that WARP Group is known for.

Contact WARP Group Today

Since 1997, WARP Traffic Management has been committed to ensuring every traffic control project undertaken is delivered with quality assurance, growth and safety in mind.

Learn from the best in the business – choose WARP Traffic Management.

Contact WARP Group today for more information on traffic control training and services in Perth.

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