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Road Safety 101

Road Safety 101

Australians are pretty safe drivers most of the time — we obey the road rules and watch out for hazards because we know how important it is to be smart on the roads. But we definitely could be doing better. Road accident numbers are starting to creep up compared to 2015 and dangerous, sometimes deadly, accidents are still occurring too often.

Because WARP Traffic Management are on the roads 24 hours a day 7 days a week managing traffic and sites for events, roadworks, and emergency response situations we see it all. We want drivers to stay safe in all conditions, starting with these handy tips:

Driving safely in the wet

Heavy rain can cause chaos on roads if people don’t slow down and pay attention. In the wet you should always slow down, increase the distance between you and the car in front, and keep a keen eye out for any potential hazards. Water on the road can cause your vehicle to slip, and potholes can form deceptively deep pools. Be patient and you will arrive safely every time.

Driving at night

In the dark it is easy to miss hazards on the side of the road like broken down cars, animals, or poles. As visibility drops always remember to use your headlights and drive safely, staying alert for dark objects. Safety is paramount at WARP Traffic Management so when you are on the roads at night and see traffic management signs, we urge you to obey the signs and drive with caution. Traffic management is important to keep all motorists and pedestrians moving safely at all hours of the day or night.

Traffic management and special events

Take extra care when you see traffic management or special event signs at road works.. There are usually lane changes or detours in place, and workers very close to where you are driving. Traffic management often affects main roads and busy intersections so you always need to obey the signals to keep things moving smoothly. Outside events there are likely to be a lot of people trying to navigate the roads so be patient and everyone will get home safely.

Country roads

The open road often has some incredible sites, quite complex and long. Driving on country roads can be unfamiliar for city drivers and staying alert is vital. The road conditions aren’t always perfect but if you are looking out for potholes, wildlife, heavy vehicles, and other hazards you will enjoy the drive even more. We do a lot of traffic management work in the NSW and WA countryside (as well as the Sydney & Perth areas) so we know how enjoyable a country drive can be.

Road safety is an important part of every drive on all roads. Safety is paramount at WARP Traffic Management and we work with our clients to think the same way because we want everyone to get where they are going safely. Obey traffic control signs, drive safely in hazardous conditions, and always pay attention to what is ahead (and behind) on the open road.

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