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Is it an Offence to Speed Through Roadworks?


Is it an Offence to Speed Through Roadworks?

We are committed to ensuring road safety at WARP Traffic Management, particularly in areas undergoing construction, maintenance, or experiencing increased traffic due to events. Both understanding and adhering to roadwork speed limits are critical for the safety of road users, pedestrians, and roadwork workers. Below, we will discuss whether it is an offence to speed through roadworks and the penalties for doing so. 

Speeding Through Roadworks in Western Australia

Western Australians can almost guarantee that they will encounter some kind of road traffic control when travelling around our state. Whether it be your morning commute to work along the freeways or a weekend trip down south, you are almost certain to encounter them. Although they can put a delay on your travel time, there is never an excuse to speed through them. 

So is it an offence to speed through roadworks in WA? It is indeed illegal and an offence to speed through roadworks in WA. Not only does it put your life at risk, but it also endangers others on the road and traffic management officers. As per MainRoads WA, “If a person drives a vehicle through the roadworks site at a speed exceeding the speed indicated by the speed limit sign, they are committing an offence.” This applies whether or not there are workers at the roadworks. Just because you don’t see anyone working doesn’t mean the road or environment is safe to speed on. There could be unsealed surfaces or a modified road layout that could be dangerous if your speed isn’t reduced. 


As per the WA Road Safety Commission, the penalties for speeding through roadworks range from the following (correct as of 11/23): For light vehicles travelling no more than 9km/h over the limit, a $100 fine ranging up to a $1,200 fine and 7 demerits for exceeding 40km/h over the limit. That means a car that decides to travel 100km/h through a 60km/h roadwork sign on the freeway can expect a heavy fine if caught. The penalties are even higher for heavy vehicles, with a $200 fine for exceeding the limit by 9km/h ranging up to a $1,500 fine on top of the 7 demerits for anything over the limit by 40km/h. 

Speeding Through Roadworks in Queensland

In Queensland, it is also an offence to speed through roadwork signs, with the penalties being even more severe than in WA. For those who drive through roadworks (as of 11/23) over the speed limit, the fines range from $309 and 1 demerit point for exceeding 1 to 10km/h over the limit to a huge fine of $1,780, 8 demerits, and a 6-month licence suspension for exceeding the limit by more than 40km/h.  

Speeding Through Roadworks Can Cost You More Than Your Licence and a Fine

Speed limits in roadwork zones are not arbitrary. They are carefully set to protect workers and drivers alike. Speeding through these areas can lead to dangerous situations, including accidents, near-misses and death. These aren’t just set in place to protect others, but to protect you and your passengers too. As a leading traffic management company, WARP Traffic Management advocates for strict adherence to these limits to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone on the road. 

As drivers, we all share the responsibility of keeping our roads safe. Respecting speed limits in roadwork zones in WA and QLD is a critical part of this responsibility. At WARP Traffic Management, we are committed to promoting safe driving practices and supporting the enforcement of these crucial regulations.

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