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Making Sure You are Roadwork Aware in 2022

Making Sure You are Roadwork Aware in 2022

In 2022: Be Ready for Roadworks

With constant roadworks and construction in place on and around Australian roads at the moment, the importance of traffic controllers and construction workers’ safety is of the utmost concern. These people are active members of our community. They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and mates who are giving up their days, and often sacrificing comfort, to provide us and our roads with much-needed services. 

Road Authorities in WA and QLD have recently come up with campaigns urging all motorists to be more roadwork aware when driving through roadwork zones, highlighting the importance of alertness and safety when behind the wheel. The campaign emphasises the role of following the signage when in roadworks zones and the directions of traffic controllers, who are just doing their job and deserve to go home safely. They are also trying to minimise accidents that unfamiliar traffic conditions can often cause.  

Roadwork zones impose many different risks, including uneven surfaces, changed traffic conditions, and changing speed limits. These are just some examples of risks that can make roadwork zones unsafe. It is the job of traffic controllers to minimise these risks and make the roads safer for all motorists. 

Even if there are no visible roadworks at a given time, signage and directions are still in place and should be followed. Risks can be present even when work is not being done, and the best way to protect yourself against such risks is to follow the directions and be alert when driving.

To ensure the utmost safety for yourself, fellow motorists, and traffic controllers working onsite, it is so important to follow any signs, instructions, and alerts. By being aware on the roads and around roadworks, we are creating a safer environment for all the people around us. 

Safety comes first at WARP Group. That is why our traffic controllers follow all government and road safety regulations to ensure that not only the general public but also themselves are safe and return home to their families every day. 

WARP Group offers a range of traffic management services that operate to a traffic control plan, developed with safety in mind to keep pedestrians and vehicles apart and ensure that vehicles and people are highly visible. Talk to Warp Group to see how we can help you with your traffic management needs for your worksite or event. 

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