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Incidents on Work Sites

Incidents on Work Sites

Road construction and repair, and traffic control for special events, are important for the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. Without these key services, the infrastructure we all use daily would fall into disrepair, causing major hazards both on and off the road.

Just like any worksite it is important to keep traffic control and road repair sites safe for workers and motorists. Incidents involving traffic controllers all around the country can be minimised by slowing down, paying attention to signs, and being aware of hazards.

Common worksite incidents

Motorists colliding with traffic control staff or machinery on road work sites has occurred in the past. This has been due to speed, not paying attention, frustration caused by delays or the perceived inappropriateness of speed limits. These incidents are dangerous for the motorist as well as the staff; working close to traffic poses some risk however driver education and awareness can drastically reduce the number of harmful encounters. There are also risks working with machinery, including damage to company vehicles from collisions, dangerous work environment around heavy machinery, and fatigue leading to mishandling of equipment.

Tips to reduce accidents on road work sites

• Slow down! Obey speed limits in work areas
• Maintain a safe distance (two-second gap) from the car in front
• Watch the signs and follow lane movements
• Be alert for hazards or sudden stoppages
• Minimise distractions
• Stay calm and be patient, the traffic will continue to flow
• Be courteous to other drivers when merging
• Take extra care after dark or in poor weather

Why road safety matters

For motorists travelling through active traffic control zones the temptation to ignore posted speed limits can lead to a dangerous mistake. Research shows the most common type of incident involves traffic colliding with staff, which can lead to a fatality. Taking extra care when travelling through a road work or a special event site will get you to your destination safely while making sure the worksite is as safe as your workplace.

Warp Group are on the roads in NSW 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we want to keep our traffic controllers safe. We believe education and a patient, positive attitude goes a long way to achieving this. It is up to the general public to respect work sites and travel safely in order to arrive at their destination without incident.

For traffic controllers, the risks also include working with machinery. To minimise the risk of accidents occurring it is important to always stay alert and keep a safe distance between any heavy machinery if you are not operating it. Warp Group offer up to date safety training courses to keep worksites safe, and always try to plan for minimal impact work so as not to put our staff, or passing motorists, at risk. We invite you to contact the Warp Group team to find out more about our safety training and traffic control services in NSW.

Safe travels!

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