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The Portaboom: A Safety Breakthrough

The Portaboom: A Safety Breakthrough

At WARP Group, we’re a team of experienced and specialised traffic control professionals in Perth. Committed to providing industry-leading services and expertise, we invest in innovative technology, developments and solutions for safer and more productive worksites.

We’re proud to be the first of WA’s traffic control companies to purchase and trial 10 Portaboom units. A breakthrough new product to the traffic management industry, Portaboom is a portable boom gate designed for temporary traffic control scenarios and has become widely used in the eastern states. It works by eliminating risks to traffic controllers as well as minimising risks for workers, motorists and pedestrians. Engineered with precision and expertise, Portaboom units make worksites safer and more effective.

An Innovative Alternative

As established traffic control professionals in Perth, we pride ourselves on delivering high standards of safety and quality. With significant safety benefits and cost savings, we’re proud to recommend Portaboom units for a diverse range of projects.

Certified by the Australian Roads and Research Board (ARRB) for use on all Australian local, state and federal roads in July 2016, Portaboom units work by adding a physical barrier to protect work zones. This takes traffic controllers out of ongoing traffic and away from risky situations. Motorists are required to stop but don’t rely on the instructions of a traffic controller on the road. This translates to enhanced site safety and fatigue management, eliminating the need for traffic controllers to stand on a stop/slow bat for hours. Instead, they can control traffic movements in safer positions and can also focus on other aspects of site safety, including vehicle and plant movement and pedestrian activity.

Key Safety Benefits

Portaboom units provide safety to worksites and traffic management scenarios by minimising risks to traffic controllers. Main benefits include:

  • Adding a clear and visible physical barrier to protect work zones
  • Ensuring motorists stop and provides a clearer indication of what’s required of them
  • Reducing risk of being ignored by motorists and road users
  • Enhancing the management of fatigue by removing traffic controllers from stop/slow bat posts
  • Improving site management by allowing traffic controllers to concentrate on flow
  • Allowing traffic controllers to operate multiple units at a time
  • Streamlining communication with work crews

Cost Comparison

Eliminate risk to traffic controllers, enhance site safety and minimise your overall costs with Portaboom units. By reducing crew numbers but allowing for greater control of worksites, you can save substantial amounts on labour. Each unit is charged at a daily rate of $120 + GST or $80 if the job is under four hours. This significantly reduces the total cost of projects but allows for a higher level of site safety and efficiency.

Take a look at the example below to learn more about how Portaboom units minimise costs and reduce risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is PORTABOOM® powered

PORTABOOM® is powered by a 12V 75AH Deep Cycle Battery

How long will PORTABOOM® operate when the battery is fully charged

Once the battery is fully charged the PORTABOOM® unit will operate for 6500 movements (Up and Down)

How long does it take to fully charge the battery

From flat to fully charged it takes approx. 8 hours but we recommend top up charging

How heavy is the PORTABOOM® unit

The PORTABOOM unit weighs 100kg

How heavy is the Boom Arm

The Boom Arm weighs 5kg including the “STOP” sign

How hard is the PORTABOOM® unit to manoeuvre

The combination of swivel wheels at the front and braking wheels at the back make it very easy to manoeuvre

What’s the range of the remote controls

The range of the remotes are up to 100mtrs however we always recommend having direct line of sight to the PORTABOOM® unit you are operating

What operating frequency does the remote controls use

The operating frequency range is between 433.100MHz to 434.700MHz

How is the remote control operation protected from interference

The remote control uses frequency hopping spread spectrum

(FHSS). This means that when the button is pressed, it simultaneously transmits the encrypted code on five different frequencies. This makes it impossible for your remote control to be interfered with or jammed

What’s the length of the Boom Arm

The Boom Arm can be extended anywhere from 2m to 4m

How does PORTABOOM® fit into a typical TCP

PORTABOOM® is designed to fit into a TCP where you would normally position a traffic controller

Specialised Traffic Control in Perth

WARP Group is Perth’s experienced traffic control team. A one-stop shop, we handle projects from initial consultations through to final site checks. Offering unparalleled levels of expertise and quality, our qualified professionals provide a full suite of services to suit projects of all sizes. Specialising in traffic control and traffic management, we help you create and maintain a safe, productive and efficient work site with leading strategies and innovative products – like the Portaboom.

Find out more about our range of services and learn more about how a Portaboom unit could work for your project. Contact us on 1300 131 204.

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