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New Year, New Career in Traffic Management?

New Year, New Career in Traffic Management?

As of writing this blog, there are only 23 days until 2022. Can you believe it? As we start to approach the new year, more and more people are feeling like it is time to ditch their current job for a fresh start with a new and rewarding career. If this sounds like you, here are some reasons to consider a career in traffic management:


Ensuring the safety of the community

Traffic Controllers are incredibly important to keeping our roads and communities safe. Their primary responsibility is to manually direct road traffic and pedestrians on or near roads during road closures due to events, emergencies, construction, maintenance or other roadside works.

They are often required to handle a Stop-Slow bat and set up and manage other traffic control devices or signs. Other common duties include applying and monitoring safety and traffic management plans as well as communicating with road traffic team members, emergency crews and other parties to ensure the safe movement of traffic.


Opportunities to work casual or part-time

According to the Federal Government’s Job Outlook [1], there were approximately 10,300 Road Traffic Controllers in Australia in 2016. Around half of these workers worked full-time (48 per cent, less than the average of 66 per cent), which indicates that there are many opportunities to work casual or part-time. This may be of interest for those wanting additional time to pursue a hobby, spend more time with their friends and family, further their education or just time to unwind and relax.


Financially rewarding

With increased infrastructure and construction projects popping up around the nation to support the nation’s economic recovery from COVID-19, Traffic Controllers are in very high demand at the moment and are expected to continue to be for quite some time. 

Traffic Controllers jobs are often financially rewarding. According to Indeed, the average salary for a Traffic Controller in Australia is $29.61 per hour [2].


How to get started in the industry

Interested in a new career in traffic control? Your first step is to complete the relevant traffic management course in your state or territory.

Warp Training Australia is a registered training organisation (RTO 51972) with offices located at 113 Kew Street in Welshpool, Western Australia and 16 Cronulla Court in Slacks Creek, Queensland.

For those located in WA, we recommend starting with our Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Control (BWTM & TC) course and for those in Queensland, we recommend starting with our Queensland Traffic Controller Course.

If you are interested in a Traffic Controller Job with Warp Group, please click here for more information on the qualifications required and common daily tasks and responsibilities.

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