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Maybe It’s Time For A Career Change

Maybe It’s Time For A Career Change

Are you sick of feeling bored at work? Or feel like your current job isn’t really leading to anything? Do you want something that is a little more exciting and has a real impact on the community? Then perhaps it is time for you to consider a career in traffic control. This blog discusses Perth’s current job market, what it is a traffic controller does, and how you can go about making this career change, by applying for WARP Group’s traffic control course.

The current job market in Perth

Perth is said to have Australia’s weakest job market at present, meaning that people are jumping into jobs they don’t really want merely for financial security. These are the types of jobs they quickly grow tired of, as they don’t feel like they’re having any sort of impact on people. Traffic controllers, on the other hand, are in a position where they are making a real impact as they are committed to the safety of those within the community.

What does a traffic controller do?

Traffic controllers are used at events and throughout construction projects in order to effectively and efficiently direct traffic. They have a complete understanding of traffic management and how this can have a direct effect on the overall success of an event or project and showcase this understanding through the work they do. It is expected that traffic controllers know that traffic management is far more than just directing traffic.

Traffic controllers must be committed to safety. They can be responsible for activities such as merging traffic or directing vehicles around dangerous or hazardous areas. For this reason, they are fully trained on road safety and know how to respond in any emergency situation.

Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Control course

It is a requirement that all traffic controllers have completed a traffic control course, such as the Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Control (BWTM & TC) course offered by WARP. Those who partake in the three-day course and successfully complete the mandatory practical training and assessments receive a Main Roads WA Accreditation card and certificate, allowing them to work as a traffic controller on any main road.

The course consists of both practical and theoretical components. From traffic management plans, cautionary signs, communication, risk identification and prevention, to directing and responding in emergency situations, students will learn everything they need to know in order to begin working as a traffic controller. Courses, such as the BWTM & TC course offered by WARP, are no longer just advantageous, they are a legal requirement and nobody can control traffic on a main road without the skills and theory taught throughout the duration of the course.

If you are thinking it is time for a new job, then maybe being a traffic controller is right for you. By undertaking a traffic control course, you will have all the qualifications you need to get started and make the first step towards a rewarding career change that allows you to have the impact on the community. For all courses contact WTA –

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