Traffic Management Planning in Perth

Traffic Management Planning in Perth

Works near or on roads can be seriously hazardous to road users and workers. Before any works can commence, effective traffic management planning needs to have taken place up to Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) standards.

At WARP Group, our traffic management planning professionals provide expertise from single day works through to complex major infrastructure projects. We see your project through from initial site meetings and approvals to the completion of works. With expertise and experience in virtually all traffic management scenarios, we’ve got the skills to deliver on performance, cost, flexibility and professionalism.

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

Traffic management plans involve procedures, steps and strategies to manage the risks associated with works within a traffic environment. Not just for busy roads and freeways, traffic management plans are required for any road under the care, control, and management of MRWA. Traffic management plans incorporate everything from logistical planning and alternative routes to risk management and procedures in order to maintain safety and productivity during works and activities.

Required to be prepared by accredited Advanced Worksite Traffic Management professionals, traffic management plans involve complex traffic arrangements and risk assessments. Before works begin, all traffic management plans need to be designed by an individual holding a AWTM holder and for more complex arrangements endorsed by a Roadworks Traffic Manager.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Traffic Management Plan

A comprehensive, detailed, well-researched traffic management plan is essential to the success of projects of all sizes. From minor works on the side of suburban streets to major developments alongside highways and freeways, ineffective planning results in poor execution and potential danger for workers, motorists and other road users.

By obtaining a traffic management plan completed by a professional with an Advanced Worksite Traffic Management accreditation, you can be confident in the feasibility and success of your project. Your traffic management plan is completed with precision to account for the risks and requirements of your project. It’s designed to protect productivity while also upholding the health and safety of all persons on or around the site.

In-House Traffic Management Professionals

Essential for a smooth and successful project, traffic management plans need to be put together by experienced and accredited experts.

At WARP Group, we specialise in providing comprehensive and detailed traffic management plans for projects of all sizes across Perth and WA. Accredited and experienced, our in-house team of traffic management professionals hold Advanced Worksite Traffic Management qualifications. When it comes to creating traffic management plans, we take each element, risk and requirement of your project into consideration to form a fully fleshed traffic management plan that supports the success of your project. In completing your traffic management plan, we ensure that all relevant laws and requirements, as set out by MRWA, are adhered to at all times.

If necessary, we draw upon the expertise of a third party Road Traffic Manager to endorse works. This allows us to offer quality services and planning support for projects with tighter lead times.

Perth’s Traffic Control and Management Specialists

Providing a suite of traffic control and management services, WARP Group is Perth’s trusted team of traffic professionals. Our experienced team members hold qualifications and accreditations in Advanced Worksite Traffic Management which also includes an in house RTM to back up our expertise in traffic management for projects of all sizes.

Find out more about our expertise in traffic management planning. Chat with our experienced Perth professionals to learn more about the requirements of working on or near MRWA roads. Contact us on 1300 131 204 24 today.

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