Traffic Control Products

In addition to our highly trained and skilled staff, WARP utilises industry-leading technologies including traffic control products and management equipment:

  • Portaboom
  • VMSS

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Device

The Meridian Rapid Defence Group based in the United States have developed the first portable barrier to successfully stop a vehicle travelling at 48km per hour, with a total weight of 1.5 tonne. In July 2017 the Archer 1200 Anti-Vehicle Barrier successfully passed and was certified by the standards of the European Publicly Available Specifications security standard. The Archer 1200 also meets the standards of guidelines held by the US Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security. As a part of meeting these guidelines, the Archer 1200 was able to bring a high risk vehicle to a complete stop, in less than just 10 feet. The Archer 1200 barriers are designed to protect high traffic and/or pedestrian areas from vehicle which may be considered dangerous. This is achieved through the barriers ability to harden a perimeter. The barriers are also able to be re-deployed in the event of changing conditions or changing threat levels.