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Sydney Gridlock – How To Prepare for the Daily Grind

Sydney Gridlock – How To Prepare for the Daily Grind

Anyone who lives in or visits Australia’s largest metropolis knows traffic congestion is getting heavier by the day. Almost every day there are traffic events which cause gridlock. Sustained population growth and the advent of multi-car households, contribute to the level of traffic on NSW roads. In fact, traffic has increased to the point where a simple road traffic accident can result in lane closures on major arterial road and tailbacks for several kilometres on all approaches to the CBD.

The NSW government have recognised this growing issue, and in most cases have implemented strategic infrastructural plans in order to improve the flow of traffic on our metro roads. These projects are done efficiently and effectively, but may cause a delay on your upcoming trip. This minor delay today is one step closer to better roads in the future for us all to enjoy.

Roads are busier and getting from A to B really does take longer

Currently, Sydney residents make 16 million road trips on an average weekday, and 15 million road trips over the weekend. Of those weekday trips, over 70% of them are made during peak hours, making the easing of congestion a major pressure point for commuters, businesses and government.

Roads and Maritime Services figures show that Peak hour speeds on some of Sydney’s major roads have slumped by up to 25km/h in the past two years. Data also reveals Sydney drivers are stuck in rush hour traffic for longer, with the worst afternoon peak – on the M4 Motorway between Concord and Clyde – now spanning six hours, from 2pm to 8pm.

Planning for the disruptions you can predict

There are always disruptions to traffic that can be predicted. These include, major sporting events, big construction projects and road maintenance. Using advance traffic control management services can reduce the impact on the area and help to relieve or prevent traffic jams and hold ups. It’s at times like these, partnering with an experienced Traffic Management Planning company can make all the difference.

There are things which minimise the impact

WARP has experienced traffic management planning staff ready and waiting to assist you to manage practically every Traffic Management scenario imaginable. WARP has the solutions for simple one-day individual works through to highly complex major infrastructure projects involving multiple stages and round the clock working environments. We are there every step of the way to get Australian drivers home safe to their families.

All of our personnel are fully accredited Traffic Controllers with valuable field experience. We are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year you can rely on us whatever the circumstance.

WARP regularly carries out emergency response work for the water, electrical, and gas service providers, Local Governments and Main Road contractors. Contact us on 1300 131 204 to discuss how we can help you with our fully integrated traffic management services.

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