Portabooms – The New Traffic Control Device

New technology, research and equipment is constantly adapting and changing the way traffic is controlled, with the goal to make roads safer for traffic controllers, pedestrians and motorists alike. One of the new traffic control devices on the scene is the Portaboom; a stable, portable, easy to use, fast to set up device that helps to safely and efficiently manage traffic control.

An Australian Traffic Control Solution

Australian company Traffic & Access Solutions designed and built the Portaboom to combat the number of injuries and safety concerns held by those working in traffic control, with the device replacing the previously used unsafe stop and slow methods of traffic control.

The Portaboom is an automated boom gate, operated from a safe distance by a traffic controller and a remote. With the remote-controlled gate able to effectively manage the flow of traffic, even temporary traffic signals take a back seat!

Out with The Unsafe, in with The Revolutionary

Traffic controllers work in high-risk environments daily; one second of inattention from a motorist or the traffic controller themselves could lead to someone being injured. The Portaboom removes the traffic controller from the danger zone, allowing them to control the gate from a safe distance, which eliminates the risk of a vehicle and traffic controller colliding. It also allows the traffic controller a better oversight of the whole situation.

The Portaboom is also committed to improving traffic control safety by reducing:

  • Room for controller error and/or fatigue, as controllers have a better oversight of the area needing control;
  • Weather-related illness and sickness, such as sunburn or dehydration;
  • Costs – the Portaboom is cost effective as it only needing one person to safely operate up to four devices;
  • The stress of traffic controllers by taking them away from the direct line of fire of aggressive, intimating motorists; and
  • The number of motorists ignoring traffic signals and traffic control.

On top of improving safety and overall well-being of the traffic controllers on Australia, roads, the Portaboom also allows traffic controllers to spend more time communicating with motorists and diffusing situations with potentially frustrated drivers. This is critical, as motorists who understand and respect the choices of traffic controllers will be more patient in the event they are delayed.

How The Portaboom Can Help You

With the stable, yet portable nature of the Portaboom, the device can be used across a range of traffic control situations. The device only weighs 90kg, which includes four solid wheels! The Portaboom can also be assembled quickly, with no need for fiddly tools.

At WARP Group, we recommend using the Portaboom for:

  • Traffic Management, such as Stop Slow , complete road closures and Suitable roadwork zones;
  • Event Management, traffic management and temporary road closures;
  • Councils and Government Applications such as reversible flow and road closure scenarios;
  • Civil Construction, where you can enhance your on-site safety through managing Deliveries and site access through the use of the booms to close off access.

WARP Group continues to adapt and learn with the industry, to ensure that traffic control is provided safely, efficiently and to the highest standard across Australia. For WARP Group, this includes integrating Portaboom devices into WARP Group’s traffic management control systems to keep traffic controllers, pedestrians and motorists safe. Make sure you contact WARP Group today for more information on how you can use a Portaboom device as part of your upcoming traffic control plan!

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