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Keep Safe On The Road This Holiday – WARP Traffic Control Tips

Keep Safe On The Road This Holiday – WARP Traffic Control Tips

Here are our top tips to keep you safe!

At WARP (NSW) we live and breathe road safety and traffic management. It’s our bread and butter. Leading up to the winter holiday break, many Sydney siders are planning day trips, family holidays at a ski resorts or in regional NSW. This means you will be driving on unfamiliar roads often in unfamiliar conditions. This is why planning ahead is important. Here are some of our favourite safety and driving tips to help you get there and back again safely.

Prepare your car

Book your car in for a service before you leave.  If you like to DIY, here is our check list:

  • check brakes and hand brake for excessive play
  • ensure tyres (and the spare if you have one) are in good condition with the correct pressure
  • clean your windscreen and make sure the washer reservoir is full
  • check oil levels and top up if necessary
  • fill up with fuel
  • put your roadside assist service providers contact details in your phone

Check your route

Get the App or simply check the live traffic websites for Sydney and regional NSW, for major traffic events or road works before you set off to save you on unnecessary delays. If you’re travelling further afield, the other states and territories have similar sites.

Prepare for delays

Delays can and do occur so be prepared. Take enough food, water, medication and other essential supplies with you and make sure they’re easily accessible in case you need them along the way. Allow extra time for food and comfort breaks, so you’re not driving tired.

Play It Safe

Road accidents happen and the majority are caused by one or a combination of the following:

  • Driver inattention – using a mobile phone increases your risk of being involved in a crash by up to 4 times,
  • Speeding – 384 people died on NSW roads in the past year, 41.4% of these fatalities are directly attributed to speed,
  • Drink driving – it’s never worth it – nearly 12% of road deaths in NSW in the past year involved alcohol,
  • Seatbelts – you’re 10 times more likely to be killed in a road crash if you’re not wearing a seat belt,
  • Fatigue – driving tired is similar to driving under the influence of alcohol.


Where ever you travel in NSW, if there’s a traffic hazard, WARP Traffic Controllers are likely to be there, keeping people safe. It’s important next time you encounter traffic management, to slow down and obey the speed limit, maintain a safe following distance and be patient. By following these simple steps, you’re helping us make the roads a safe place for all.

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