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Traffic Management for Works on Roads – Code of Practice March 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Safe and Effective Works and Event Traffic Management in Perth When it comes to event traffic management and traffic control, safety and effectiveness are our top two priorities. As Perth’s trusted traffic management professionals, WARP Group provides an extensive range of high-quality traffic control courses and services centred on maintaining the strict safety standards

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Traffic Control in a Smart City

How long do you think you should spend commuting to and from work? Ten minutes? Forty-five minutes? In March 2016, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled his vision for Smart Cities, which involved plans for “30-minute cities”, where people would take no longer than 30 minutes to commute to work each day. But how can traffic

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Smart Traffic Management

Technology dominates the best part of our lives, from our smartphones to our home appliances that can be controlled via an app, so it was only a matter of time before it became a part of the transportation and traffic system too. So how has technology impacted the way we commute every day?   Intelligent Transport

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Traffic Control Equipment – A Breakdown

When it comes to events that may disrupt the usual flow of traffic, roadwork that requires traffic diversion or even just general day-to-day traffic control, having the right tools is essential. Effective traffic management relies on planning, strategy and many different pieces of equipment. But what exactly are these pieces of signage, what do they

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Maybe It’s Time For A Career Change

Are you sick of feeling bored at work? Or feel like your current job isn’t really leading to anything? Do you want something that is a little more exciting and has a real impact on the community? Then perhaps it is time for you to consider a career in traffic control. This blog discusses Perth’s current

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Ensuring a Smooth Event with Quality Traffic Management

For any large event or construction project to run smoothly, traffic flow management is absolutely essential and should never be taken lightly. Effective traffic management is the correct combination of signs, human resources and adequate planning, which WARP Group has perfected through experience over the years. We’ve outlined the importance of each of the components

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Our Traffic Control Officers are one of the key factors in WARP Traffic Managements success. All our staff are MRWA accredited and extensively trained by WARP Training with a substantial number holding Advanced Worksite Traffic Management tickets.