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Become an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager with WTA

Become an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager with WTA

Embark on an exciting and rewarding career with training from Warp Training Australia (WTA). Based in Perth, we lead informative and accredited traffic management courses to help you obtain a qualification as an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager (AWTM). Taught by industry professionals, our course prepares you with up to date and practical knowledge and skills for competitive traffic management jobs.

Your MRWA AWTM accreditation allows you to undertake the designing and creation of a traffic management plan (TMP) for works across WA.

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

A TMP details how traffic, works and road users will be managed during roadworks. Requiring the expertise of an accredited Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager, a good TMP enhances productivity and project success.

Once a Traffic Controller has one year of experience on the road, they’re able to sit the Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Course to become a planner. Planners need to demonstrate the ability to design Traffic Guidance Schemes (TGSs) using programs including AutoCAD and Rapid Plan.

At WTA, we provide comprehensive training for individuals with a solid understanding of computers but with limited AutoCAD experience. Our AutoCAD for TGS Design course gives students detailed and practical experience using the fundamentals of AutoCAD for traffic management planning.

Preparation of Traffic Management Plans

For all works requiring traffic management on or around roads, a Traffic Management Plan will need to be prepared. Some of these TMP’s will be very detailed and will only be used for the job that they are prepared for. Some other TMP’s (Generic TMP’s) can be used on a variety of suitable projects.

TMPs can only be prepared by individuals who have completed the MRWA Advanced Worksite Traffic Management Course and hold a current MRWA Accreditation. Planners must have the knowledge and experience required to design a TMP and may be required to have specialist support in some circumstances.

TMPs need to contain documentation of completed risk assessments, practices and strategies to manage and mitigate risks and must also contain traffic guidance schemes (TGS’s) that detail all traffic controls required for every stage of works.

Find out more about creating a comprehensive and detailed TMP with Main Roads WA’s TMP Preparation Guidelines.

Become a Traffic Planning Manager

To become a Traffic Planning Manager, you need to gain an MRWA Accreditation as an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manage. At WTA, our Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) course provides students with the theory and practical knowledge to design complex and non-complex traffic management plans for a variety of scenarios.

A hands-on and practical course, we teach in-demand skills to allow you to gain real-world experience in advanced worksite traffic management. Our courses create competitive, innovative and experienced professionals ready to take on the challenges that come with a job as a traffic management planner in WA.

Learn More About our Traffic Management Course

Interested in becoming an Advanced Worksite Traffic Manager? Chat with the team at WTA to learn more about what it takes. Our comprehensive and practical Advanced Worksite Traffic Management (AWTM) course gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to gain a competitive edge.

Find out more about studying with WTA. Contact us on 1300 019 304.


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